What Our Families Say

We could fill several websites telling you about our supportive, purpose-built design, personalized life-enrichment programs, and exceptional care and services … but, while remarkable and unique, those are merely the ingredients we use to create the real magic of Bridges® – the magic that is shown on the faces of our residents and felt in the hearts of their families.


I just needed to drop you a note of praise for all of the staff at Pembroke. My wife has been out of the community now for three weeks after suffering two seizures and spending time at the hospital and a rehab facility at the doctor’s orders. I wish I had been more forceful with the doctors as the facility they recommended did not provide the care we are used to. I don’t think any facility could match the care given to residents at Bridges. Your motto of ‘Remarkable people. Exceptional care’ adequately describes the services and care they all show and give daily. They are all more than caregivers – but dedicated people.

I also want you to know how thankful I am to the caregiver who was on the night shift and heard commotion in Peggy’s room and instantly responded to her and called for the nurse and help, all the while caring for Peggy and providing comfort to her. I have watched her over the almost year we have been at Bridges, and she always appeared to be so competent and capable, but she came through huge for Peggy. She definitely is a “Remarkable Person Providing Exceptional Care.”

I just hope you and the team know how much I appreciate all their efforts. All of the diligent caring staff at every position is exceptional.

– Tim B., Husband of Bridges® Resident


It has been almost one year since my dad moved into Bridges in Pembroke. To be honest, I had always planned on taking care of my dad at home. I thought it would be hard, but I thought we could make it work between myself, my two sisters and private caregivers … and for a while we did. It wasn’t until my dad needed continuous 24-hour supervision/care that we realized how difficult it would be to keep my dad at home safely. Things happen in life and a caregiver needs to cancel at the last minute or something comes up with one of your kids or work. It is then that you start to realize that even when you think you have a pretty organized care plan at home, it is not going to run smoothly all the time … and consistency is what my dad needed.

Moving my dad out of his home that he had lived in for 50 years was the hardest decision my sisters and I had to make. It was a very emotional time, and I kept asking myself, “Is this the right decision?” Now almost a year later, I can answer with complete certainty that yes, that was the right decision. I didn’t realize how much my dad’s old home environment was contributing to his confusion, anxiety and fall risk. Something as simple as knowing what day trash pickup was made my dad so worried that he was going to miss it. It would be the only thing he could talk about for hours, even though he had people there to help him. I could give a hundred examples like that, but basically what I’m trying to say is sometimes changing the environment can make all the difference for someone with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

My dad is doing so well now, and it’s because he is in an environment that is just the right kind of stimulation for someone with Alzheimer’s disease. He still has his memory impairment, but he does not have all the worries anymore. It is so nice to visit my dad and see him happy and relaxed again. He’s doing so well because the staff there have made a tremendous effort to really get to know my dad, what his likes and dislikes are, and they are taking such good care of him. I truly appreciate all the hard work that ALL the staff put into taking care of my dad and all the residents. I now feel so much more at ease knowing that my dad is in such good hands.

– Susan B., Daughter of Bridges® Resident


My mother Joan received the absolute best care while at Bridges in Pembroke. She had a series of strokes which damaged her frontal lobe and the focused and caring staff helped her manage her disabilities. I am totally appreciative of the way Bridges helped make my life better through their care for my mother.

– Daniel J., Son of Bridges® Resident


It’s hard to put into words how grateful I am to you all for making Bev’s life as good as it could be in her last two years. I’ve always said bridges was the best place for Bev to live out her life. A godsend really. Entrusting her care to you was the best decision my family and I could have made for Bev, and my simple heartfelt thank you will have to suffice.

– Ken, Family Member of Bridges® Resident


My mom has been happily living at Bridges at Hingham for nearly 6 years. She has been taught to paint in her 80s! As far as I know, my mom has never painted in her life. The enrichment person has unleashed creativity in my mom that has changed her life for the better. Bridges continues to inspire confidence in her artistic ability and has been a game changer for her emotional growth.

– Trish C., Daughter of Bridges® Resident


Bridges became home for my husband six months ago. I researched and visited many long-term care facilities on the South Shore and kept being drawn back to this community. I first encountered Bridges through their online monthly caregiver support group. You do not need to have a loved one at Bridges; they welcome all caregivers even if their loved one is at home or another facility. It is a great resource.

The layout of each wing is so warm and accessible. All residents have windows that look at bushes, bird feeders, etc. The layout also gives staff a great sight line, which is so important for Alzheimer’s residents. The staff is so kind and caring, whether it’s the cook, who went and made my husband bacon that wasn’t on the menu to going and helping a resident who tried to take a walk without her walker. The maintenance staff, who stop and interact with residents daily. The activities people who bring joy daily, trying to engage and find special activities to meet each residents’ needs. The on-the-go daily floor staff, who assist all residents with their activities of daily living, finding unique ways as needed.

I truly feel the warmth every time I visit, not just toward my husband, but also his fellow residents. The staff truly care not just for my husband, but myself and family members as well.

– Maureen G., Wife of Bridges® Resident