What Our Families Say

We could fill several websites telling you about our supportive, purpose-built design, personalized life-enrichment programs, and exceptional care and services … but, while remarkable and unique, those are merely the ingredients we use to create the real magic of Bridges – the magic that is shown on the faces of our residents and felt in the hearts of their families.


My mom is in Bridges by EPOCH at Trumbull. It’s all excellent. We were very impressed. It’s very clean. They have a lot of programs that deal with memory care. The food is excellent. I give it two thumbs up. My mom likes listening to music. She’s got dementia very badly, so that is pretty much what she does there. Her room is very nice and very clean. She has a room for a bed and some other furniture. There’s a big closet, a sink, and a bathroom in there.

They baked us an apple pie after we went to visit, and that was very good. But they will prepare anything she wants. If she likes blueberries, they’ll go get her blueberries. They’re very accommodating.

– Pam, Daughter of Bridges® at Trumbull Resident


I normally don’t write many Google reviews but because of the exceptional service that the entire Bridges staff has provided (and is providing) to me and my uncle, I really feel it’s necessary to share my experience with this special place for anyone who is currently looking into long-term care for their loved one and is considering Bridges.

My uncle has Parkinson’s Disease with Lewy Body Dementia and was only recently diagnosed with LBD a few weeks before he moved into Bridges. It was a stressful time for me because I had just been appointed POA and there were so many things going on that needed to be taken care of; paperwork, POA related issues like taking over bill payments, etc., finding places to look at where he could go to live and get appropriate care after hospital discharge, trying to work with social workers/case managers to try and find out his official diagnoses so I could pinpoint exactly what type of long-term care we’d need to look into for him, etc. It was completely overwhelming and I felt so lost and defeated. I had looked at a few places to get my uncle into once he was ready to leave the hospital but nothing seemed like a good fit until…

I pulled up to Bridges, and just as I walked through the front door of the beautiful building, I was greeted by a woman named Susan. I didn’t know it, but she was an angel. We chatted for a while about the facility and what they could offer my uncle and she gave me a tour. She was so friendly and understanding and really made me feel like she cared. (She even sent me home with a warm apple pie!) I told her I wasn’t sure if my uncle would be able to live there because his needs were more than what an average assisted living place typically could handle. Susan reassured me that he could. She asked me for some basic information and took the reins, which really helped me to feel calm, cool and collected and eased my mind about everything going on.

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Susan went full throttle. She was the one who got answers when none of the hospital case managers were calling me back. She was the one who guided me and organized everything to get my uncle where he needed to be. She was the one who went over and beyond to make sure my uncle was taken care of and getting the attention he needed. When we needed something, Susan was there (and she still is now). I can’t thank her enough.

Honestly, I was curious if this amazing service would stop once my uncle was moved in since they already have our business but I can confidently say it hasn’t. The ENTIRE Bridges staff has been unbelievable. Every single one of those staff members cares about their residents and it REALLY shows.

Some things to point out that really wowed me were: Before my uncle moved into Bridges, I had to unpack him and the maintenance men helped assemble his bed, hang pictures, move furniture, etc. On the day my uncle moved in, the kitchen manager, Gary, came into our room to inquire what my uncle’s favorite snacks were so he could make sure they had them in the pantry for him. When we were still unpacking, the nurses all trickled in one by one, wanting to see his prized train collection they had heard so much about. Susan ordered him tags for his clothing. For Christmas, the staff bought all of the residents presents so they each would have a gift to open on Christmas morning. When it was his birthday the other day, they planned a whole celebration for him and another resident and ordered cake! Mostly, what blew me away was my uncle hadn’t walked in over a month before he came to Bridges, and within a week of moving in, it was like a miracle. He was wheeling himself places in his wheelchair, participating in all of their fitness classes/activities and WALKING to the bathroom himself! I could go on and on about this place.

Please, if you care about your loved one and want to make sure they are well taken care of, check out this place. I have zero regrets. And a big THANK YOU to the entire Bridges staff who take such great care of my uncle.

– Elizabeth, Niece of Bridges® at Trumbull Resident


Thank you for welcoming B and me into the Bridges community. And for being an ear to listen to when I am struggling. Although I wish things were different, I sleep every night knowing B is safe.

– K, Wife of Bridges® at Trumbull Resident


Just want to say “Thank you” for all that you did to make the Bridges an enjoyable experience for my mom. It is greatly appreciated.

– Barbara, Daughter of Bridges® at Trumbull Resident


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you did to help me get my uncle into Bridges. I am so grateful for you and all your help and am so happy we chose Bridges.

– Liz, Niece of Bridges® at Trumbull Resident


No place is going to be perfect, but this is absolutely the best memory care facility I have found in the area. They are a memory care only facility, which makes the difference. The food is wonderful. They also always have snacks and beverages available at all times.

Communication with the family is very good. Med rounds are handled very well. They’re organized and the nurse does a fantastic job. She’s good about letting me know when over the counter items are getting low.

They have a really good variety of activities. They have at least 2 a day and have performers come in frequently. Mom is so happy and active here. When she was home, she mostly chose to be bed ridden and wasn’t hardly active at all. She’s thriving here! They’re also pet friendly, so I bring her dog with me when I visit and she loves that. I would recommend them to family and friends.

– Friend of Bridges® at Trumbull