What Our Families Say

We could fill several websites telling you about our supportive, purpose-built design, personalized life-enrichment programs, and exceptional care and services … but, while remarkable and unique, those are merely the ingredients we use to create the real magic of Bridges® – the magic that is shown on the faces of our residents and felt in the hearts of their families.

Always Available

We want to thank you on a more personal note for all of the help and care you gave mom and us. From the very beginning to the end, you were always available to us for anything we needed or had questions about.

We were so pleased to get mom situated in her new home at Bridges and just wish her stay and her life could have lasted longer.

- Susan, Cheri, and Leo, Family of Bridges® Resident

Wonderful Care

I would like to thank you for the beautiful flowers you sent after her passing. More significantly, we appreciate the care you provided her during her all-too-brief stay at Bridges. Whenever family members visited, we felt that she was in the right place, with an excellent staff, wonderful facilities and numerous activities to help keep her engaged. Unfortunately, her decline was too fast for her to fully take advantage of all that you offer and for you to gain much appreciation for her outgoing and loving personality.

Again, many thanks for all you did for Kathy and our family to make her last few weeks as pleasant and peaceful as possible.

– Jon, Family of Bridges® Resident


Thank you for hosting the program....it was very insightful. I now understand just a little bit of how frustrating life is for mom on a daily basis. I cannot tell you how much help you have been on this journey. The support we have received from you and everyone at Bridges has been so comforting.

– Recent Dementia Live® Attendee


My mom has moved into Bridges by EPOCH at Andover. There are several things I like about it. The staff there has been excellent; I can't ask for any better staff. The physical facility itself is very well laid out. There's a beautiful courtyard in the middle that's fenced all the way around or surrounded by the building. It's done in such a way that it doesn't look like a compound. It's beautifully landscaped. It has raised flowerbeds, raised vegetable gardens, and flowers of all different colors. Certain flowers bloom at certain times of the year, so it looks like as one flower stops blooming, another one starts blooming. They have different neighborhoods that you can go visit. They have a beautiful cafeteria, and it has a high ceiling with windows facing out the sides. I couldn't ask for anything better. They let us bring some of our own furniture in. Until we could get that furniture in, they let us use the model furniture. The food is excellent; no problems at all.

Memory care is all they do. The moment you come in that front door, the staff are helpful. They're excellent. They're always in a good mood and they're always courteous and happy. Everything is clean in there. There's never an odor. When you have a lot of the elderly, there's a lot of incontinence especially when you're in memory care or dementia, and there's never that odor when you walk in the door. Everything is well kept. The furniture that you sit on outside is always clean. The walkways outside to walk around on, everything is clean. Even the parking area is spotless.

No one wants to put their mother into a facility, but that's the best place. If I had to sit down with a fresh piece of paper and say, 'What do I want for a memory care facility from the ground up?' That would be it. I couldn't come up with anything better. The staff are very good. They try to encourage my mother to get out and participate in activities. They do this with all the residents there. I'm very impressed. I keep thinking if there's a way I could get my house set up so my mother could stay here, but I can never do for her what they do. I wouldn't have the patience, the skill sets, or the physical abilities. Even if we could have her here, I don't have activities here. If you look at the menu of activities they have for the day, there are five different activities today. There is a scheduled thing she can do. There are different types of activities. Plus, being there, she gets to be around other people. If she were living in her own home now, she'd be all by herself. There's a big common room that they do things in ... they'll do a group sing-along or they'll have a movie or a lecture outside. They have games, and they do field trips, too. They're on par with everything. If you think about it, you get at least two folks full time, 24 hours a day, you have the activities, and there are three meals a day. They check on everybody periodically. I feel like we get our value for the money.

- Charles, Son of Bridges® Resident


Thank you and the "Bridges Family" for your kind notes of remembrance and for the beautiful vase of flowers you sent to our home. Mom made many friends at the Bridges though her stay there was short.

From our first meeting, the help you gave her and us was exceptional. From her first day arriving with a gift of flowers in a teacup (remembering she liked her cup of tea every day) to checking on her whenever you saw her until she left, your kindness was evident.

We extend our thanks to you and to all who knew and helped mom at The Bridges.

- Cherie & Theo S., Family of Bridges® Resident


I wanted you to know how much I appreciate the support and encouragement you and the entire staff of Bridges memory care has provided me and my family. It has been a great comfort knowing that my mother is well taken care of during this challenging time. Your assisted care facility provides a comforting atmosphere for your members and guests. The “at home” feeling of the open spaces and the private rooms is experienced as soon as you enter the building. We assessed similarly high-end facilities, but we are confident that we've made the right selection in Bridges memory care assisted living.

– Joy and Stan S., Family of Bridges® Westwood Resident