What Our Families Say

We could fill several websites telling you about our supportive, purpose-built design, personalized life-enrichment programs, and exceptional care and services … but, while remarkable and unique, those are merely the ingredients we use to create the real magic of Bridges® – the magic that is shown on the faces of our residents and felt in the hearts of their families.


I wanted to thank you and your team for organizing the Zoom calls that I’ve done with my mom. Since I live so far away and circumstances now make visiting impossible, it is really nice to be able to “see” her. A million thanks to each of you who care for my Mom each and every day! I am so grateful.

– Heather, Daughter of Bridges® Resident

Always Something Happening

The activities and outings are amazing. The activities department does a wonderful job in keeping all residents as engaged as possible. There is always something happening. My mom loves the dancing talent, the very charming Michael. There is a wide range of activities. My family member seldom misses an activity. Truthfully, I think the activities is what she lives for.

The facility is very clean and beautifully decorated seasonally. The gardens are lovely in the summer. Maintenance is very responsive.

Front end staff are very helpful.

Nursing staff is well qualified and communicative.

There are several LNAs that go above and beyond.

Great meals and snacks.

I would seriously consider Bridges when choosing a facility for your loved one.

– Daughter of Bridges® by EPOCH at Nashua Resident

Wonderful Care

My grandmother lives here and receives wonderful care. I find the staff to be friendly, caring, and attentive. Gram’s room in big enough to accommodate her needs and the communal spaces for socializing and dining are always clean. The patio and garden out back make her feel like she’s back at her own house and are beautiful. It is a huge relief to know that she is so well cared for. We appreciate the safety measures taken to ensure residents cannot get lost or leave the property on their own. We even stay for lunch from time to time and have been impressed with the quality of the food, which is much better than her previous assisted living situation.

– Jacquelin, Granddaughter of Bridges® by EPOCH at Mashpee Resident

Happier and More Content

Bridges has been a wonderful experience for my Mom and for all of us (her family). Here is our story … After a hospital stay, my Mom went to a typical nursing home (not Bridges) for rehab. She was there for about 1 month. During that time, she continued to decline. She would not eat and I thought we were going to lose her. Soon her rehab stay at that nursing home was over and we had to move her. Thankfully I had toured Bridges a month prior and reached out to them again. Before we signed her up at Bridges I was very concerned if a “memory care” could meet all of her other needs. For example, my Mom is incontinent and needs assistance with the bathroom. She needs help cleaning and dressing herself. She also uses a walker and early on she was in a wheelchair. Bridges reassured me they could take care of ALL her needs. I prayed hard that this would work and really be true. I’m am beyond blessed and happy to report that they have met all of her needs and so much more! The staff at Bridges are wonderful, patient and professional. The aids keep her personal needs taken care of with dignity. The activities staff keeps all the residents engaged. They encourage all of them to be in the common areas not alone in their rooms. They warmly welcome family and friends to visit, dine and join in on activities with their loved one. The dining staff is accommodating to the residents and their guests. Everyone seems to love their job!! My Mom is doing better now than before her hospital stay. She has gained the weight back she lost prior. She’s alert and engaged! No more wheelchair. Overall, she is much happier and more content and most importantly not afraid and depressed like she was at the other nursing home. All nursing homes should take note on how Bridges has this success. I feel blessed and very fortunate that we found this assisted living for her.

– Christine, Daughter of Bridges® by EPOCH at Mashpee Resident

Genuinely Compassionate

My father has been at the Bridges since August of last year – about seven months now. A retired Lt Col, he values places that are well-run. This place meets that bar.

Our family has gotten endless support from the staff here. It is clean and pleasantly decorated, and everything is in good repair. The food is good enough, and the patients have access to lots of activities both on-site and off. There are two large outdoor gardens and even a barber shop/beauty salon.

My father’s doctors have been able to come and go with no problems, and he’s been able to have friends visit regularly and easily. They can even stay and have meals with him.

I have never seen or heard of a staff member being angry, or even be grouchy. They constantly do small, nice things for their patients and appear to be genuinely compassionate. They are not exhausted to the point of not caring, which I have heard a lot about with some of my friends’ parents in other types of facilities like this. My father’s primary nurse sends us email updates about how he’s doing.

We are deeply grateful to have a place like this, especially because it is so incredibly close. Seven months in, my father still says without hesitation that he is well-cared for here.

– Pam, Daughter of Bridges® by EPOCH at Nashua Resident


Thanks to you and all of your staff for navigating and holding everything together so expertly and with such compassion.  It makes us so happy to know that even though we could not be with Mom on Mother’s Day that you all made such a fuss and treated all the Moms to such a fun day.  Thank you so very much!!

– Family Member of Bridges® Resident