What Our Families Say

We could fill several websites telling you about our supportive, purpose-built design, personalized life-enrichment programs, and exceptional care and services … but, while remarkable and unique, those are merely the ingredients we use to create the real magic of Bridges® – the magic that is shown on the faces of our residents and felt in the hearts of their families.


Very helpful and professional staff, varied activities and outings for residents, good communications with family members, and a modern facility with secure access to the outdoors. The attentive staff combined with the household model create a calm environment that is less overwhelming than a larger facility. Couldn’t ask for a better residence for my mother.

– Harry, Son of Bridges® Resident


Thank you so much for allowing me to join in on this teaching. I found this information so very valuable. It’s clear you’re very knowledgeable and confident in your approach and a perfect person to learn from. 

– Brenda, Friend of Bridges®


I can’t properly express my gratitude to each of you for the care you have shown myself, my daughters, and most importantly my mother. From the moment we walk in the door or call the front desk, we are greeted with a beautiful smile, a warm welcome and familiarity. 

The positive encouragement she gets from you to go to her classes, to visit the health office, to work in the garden, to get out of bed, to dance, to go to Mass, to take a shower and to eat keeps her going and in good humor (mostly). 
I am fully aware how exhausting your days must be now. I am so grateful that you are able to be there, to care for so many parents and then to go home. Please extend my gratitude to your families. 

We just passed the four-year anniversary of her living at Bridges this Thanksgiving.  She is thriving because of each one of you. 

– Charlotte, Daughter of Bridges® Resident


Right from that first day and week when we didn’t know a thing about how to help my Mom adjust to living in a new place with a raging pandemic going on, Justin has been there for us. No matter how trite my question, no matter what time of day, Justin was ALWAYS there to help us figure out the best plan for my Mom. Even on his days off, he was there for us. Unheard of!

Justin is a wonderfully warm, funny, caring, insightful, amazing man. He has enabled my Mom to know joy again. My Mom is so happy living at Bridges, happier than she has been since my Dad died 2 1/2 years ago. And your whole staff (every one of them) and Justin are the reason. 

– Daughter of Bridges® Resident


My daily phone call to my Mom continues to be the brightest part of my day! She is always cheerful and full of great news about what she has done the previous day and who she has done it with. What a difference we have noticed since she moved into Bridges!  She went from depressed and crying ALL the time to happy and healthy. She has made friends and the aides I have met when I come for my weekly visit seem to love her.  

Thank you for all you and your staff have done since July to turn my mother back into the woman I remember from before the pandemic started.

– Sharon, Daughter of Bridges® Resident


I am a caregiver for my husband who is at home with me and I have attended in person several of your very helpful and informative programs and presentations over the last few years.  A GREAT BIG THANK YOU for the educational programs and for the invite for enticing and delicious food and drink gifts. It has been so nice to feel remembered and acknowledged for what we caregivers do for those we love … but is also very tiring, lonely, and draining.

– Pat, Friend of Bridges®