What Our Families Say

We could fill several websites telling you about our supportive, purpose-built design, personalized life-enrichment programs, and exceptional care and services … but, while remarkable and unique, those are merely the ingredients we use to create the real magic of Bridges – the magic that is shown on the faces of our residents and felt in the hearts of their families.


Our mom was one of the original residents at Bridges. She has been living there since August, 2018. Carol’s husband, my sister and I made the most difficult decision that summer to move our loving mom out of her house and into Bridges. I will never forget that morning. The four of us sat in a circle at their house and gently let my mom know she was going to spend some time away from her husband, so he could take care of his own health issues. Our mom was confused and only half-aware that we were taking her out of her home, but she trustingly followed us out of the house.

We had all heard nightmares about neglectful and depressing assisted living homes and had battled feelings of guilt for months. But we knew our mom was no longer safe to live at home and her husband’s health was slowly deteriorating. We hoped that Bridges would be different. We visited a few times and felt comfortable with the staff, decor and community program offered at Bridges. That was almost four years ago.

Initially, our mom participated in the many activities offered at Bridges including yoga, ‘bowling’, bean bag toss, sing alongs, arts and crafts, painting, cooking and more. She easily made friends with the other residents as well as the friendly and attentive staff. She can no longer participate in most activities and she has lost the ability to express herself with words, but her smile, giggles, gestures and calm nature reassure us that she is comfortable and happy in her home.

My sister and I feel welcome and at peace whenever we walk through the portal to my mom’s world. I share conversation with the receptionist and often break out in ‘hum’ to the piano player, a musical on T.V. or ‘Glee with Lee’. As I continue to my mom’s room, I can usually hear the entertainment director enthusiastically conducting some activity calling to each resident by name to join in the festivities. Occasionally, the director or the head chef passes by and mentions something sweet about my mom as well. Many of the staff have been there as long as my mom, and in a strange but calming way, they feel like family. They are my mother’s family. They see her every day! Thank you Bridges for making the most tragic and difficult experience for us a little more tolerable. We appreciate ALL of you.

– Diane & Debby, Daughters of Bridges® Resident


The onset of dementia has been a difficult time for our loved one, and for friends and family. We watched an independent, vibrant woman used to coming and going as she pleased to someone who was no longer safe on her own. Bridges restored our loved one’s sense of independence, humor – and our peace of mind. I cannot thank the staff of Bridges enough for the care and community they provide not only to the resident, but to the resident’s friends and family. Our loved one was treated with respect and as an individual who loved to dance, garden (she was particularly proud of her bumper crop of tomatoes grown in the lovely Bridges garden), dress up, and socialize. The Bridges staff is truly an engaged, special support team who helped her experience joy each day – and her friends and family, too!

– Kimberly D., Family of Bridges® Resident


The Norwalk Bridges is warm and welcoming to both residents and family members! What I appreciate most about Bridges is the respect given to residents from all staff members. Residents are treated with dignity regardless of their current condition.

I enjoy participating in activities with mom and am always welcomed whenever I show up. I have learned so much from the staff about how to interact with my mother as her dementia progresses. I model approaches from staff members to engage and re-engage mom for more meaningful visits.

My mother is so much more than just a resident. When I visit staff members take the time to share how mom is doing today or an activity that she particularly enjoyed; they know her and know how to relate to her as an individual.

The director is very responsive. If I have an issue, concern, question, I email and get a response the same day. I know from experience that issues or concerns I have shared have been addressed. Rather than defending ‘her institution’ she consistently tries to make it better.

I wish mom did not need Bridges, but I am glad and grateful that she can be there.

– Melissa, Family of Bridges® Resident


My father has been well-cared for by Bridges staff since day one. The staff members are always friendly and welcoming. The building is spotless! Meals are a community affair with great help from the kitchen staff and servers. Recreation activities are fun and engaging and Dad is always encouraged to join in. The nursing staff is attentive, professional and deliver impeccable care. Dad feels safe, comfortable and is always cared for with kindness! The maintenance team keeps everything running and the grounds immaculate. The whole place is bright and cheerful! Everyone I meet is so patient with each resident and the staff know the needs, likes and quirks of all who call Bridges home. Thank you all.

– Tracy E., Daughter of Bridges® Resident


I have worked closely with this assisted living facility in a business capacity for quite some time now. Attention to detail is paramount in providing optimal care for residents with dementia. Bridges by EPOCH exceeds this with flying colors. They provide countless activities to improve the body, mind and soul. They also have individualized care within a safe and controlled environment. It would be a shame to pass this building up when looking for a new home for your loved ones!!

– Benjamin, Friend of Bridges®


With the efficient and caring staff at Bridges Norwalk, my clients, a husband and wife, enjoyed the smoothest transition to facility living that I have seen in my ten years as an elder care specialist. The Bridges staff worked tirelessly and quickly to set up my clients’ room to make it as comfortable and welcoming as possible. When my clients arrived, the director spent the entire afternoon with them to make them feel at home. My clients have moved nearly seamlessly into their new life at Bridges Norwalk. I continue to be impressed with the exceptional care my clients are receiving.

– Diane, Friend of Bridges®