What Our Families Say

We could fill several websites telling you about our supportive, purpose-built design, personalized life-enrichment programs, and exceptional care and services … but, while remarkable and unique, those are merely the ingredients we use to create the real magic of Bridges – the magic that is shown on the faces of our residents and felt in the hearts of their families.

Community Support

Bridges give a huge amount of support to the community in terms of information sessions, caregiving support sessions and special events with crafts and food. Having attended information sessions on site, I am impressed with the cleanliness, respect and caregiving by the staff members. It is very encouraging to see how well the facility is run.

–  Ann, Friend of Bridges®


I just wanted to say thank you to all on today’s virtual session. Alicia is an awesome leader. When it says remarkable people, exceptional care, I can attest that THAT’S not just a byline or marketing signature, it’s a job description. Truly all of you are remarkable and fine examples of what Bridges by Epoch has come to mean in my (Norwalk) community. 

I have a bit of unexpected time and truly wanted to commend you all on the outreach I saw today. I was a part of people not just helping others but truly giving expert advice and tools and tips to helping caregivers help loved ones. It’s both heartbreaking and uplifting that more and more people are learning to deal with memory care issues at a time in their lives when there are more than enough stresses on them. They too are aging but in the forefront of keeping up on the special demands that come with caring for a loved one that is unfortunately highlighted with unique care and emotional stresses. 

You are all so special, and I want you to know that. Thank you for what you do.

– Ed, Friend of Bridges® by EPOCH


So nice to see mom and all her friends. Thanks for doing a great job keeping their routine going and letting us see everyone!

– Caroline, Daughter of Bridges® Resident


Thank you Alex and staff. We are blessed to have you caring for our loved ones. Stay well.

– Diane, Family of Bridges® Resident


You and the life enrichment team at Bridges are doing a great job keeping family connected from afar. A big thank you to the entire Bridges Norwalk staff. Keeping you all in my prayers.

– Paula, Family of Bridges® Resident


My wife was very unsure that she would like going to the residence. However, she adjusted to Bridges and tells me that she loves the place. The residents are very kind to each other. If a resident is having a bad time, they come to the resident with warmth which usually changes sadness to happiness.

Cognitive diseases are very difficult for a visitor to see, but they also feel the closeness of the residents to each other. I would recommend Bridges to anyone requiring cognitive care. I would suggest that if you have a family member requiring cognitive care, visit Bridges and get a good feel for the place. The staff is very kind and helpful to the residents and the physical layout of Bridges is ideal for these types of diseases.

– Husband of Bridges® Resident