Uplifting Lifestyle.

Programs, Events and Activities That Spark Joy

Bridges® by EPOCH finds innovative ways to deliver excellence in care and quality of life for our residents through all stages of disease progression. Memory loss defines how we care for our residents – it doesn’t define who they are.

Every new Bridges® resident receives a personalized care plan with programming designed to improve communication, address behavioral symptoms and, most importantly, engage the resident in a joyful, meaningful life.

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Personalized Programming

By getting to know each resident’s life story, favorite passions and interests, accomplishments, treasured memories – everything that make them who they are – our team creates and delivers programs, activities and events that have purpose, improve mood and enhance self-esteem. Our life enrichment teams focus on residents’ abilities and value their opinions. 

We engage in sensory therapies – art, music, aroma and pet – that soothe and evoke fond memories and happy feelings. We have conversations with our residents that interest them individually. We find fun ways to exercise. We take residents to the café, beach, local parks, sporting events and other favorite destinations. It’s a full life experience that makes a positive impact on their overall well-being. 

Bridges® Moments

Most importantly, we look for those special moments to provide happiness and meaning in our residents’ lives – every day.  

For the musician, it could mean bringing in a guitar for them to play and entertain again. For the teacher, it may be reading to local preschool children. For the avid gardener, it’s giving them opportunities to show off their green thumb. For the engineer, it means providing safe building projects that hold their interest and strengthen their skills. For the neonatal nurse, it may be knitting hats for new babies and hand-delivering them to the hospital. 

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