Your Loved One Is Home at Bridges®

Each resident’s journey with dementia is unique, with different progression rates, symptom sensitivities, and cognitive and physical challenges. Bridges® by EPOCH’s around-the-clock memory care, personalized support, dining options and life-enriching activities adapt to changing needs, enabling residents to age in place in a comfortable environment with familiar people who know and care about them.

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Inspiration for Success

At our Bridges® by EPOCH communities, we work closely with families to gain necessary insight and deeper understanding into the lives of our residents. With this initial information, along with what our team members learn about our residents every day through meaningful relationships, we can deliver highly individualized programming. 

Our wellness-focused lifestyle focuses on reinforcing individual strengths and abilities, so residents enjoy heightened confidence and self-esteem. Ultimately, Bridges® teams work together to provide everything residents need to thrive and rediscover a life with purpose. 

Building Blocks for Success – Inside and Out

Planned by architects and designers who understand dementia’s challenges, every inch of a Bridges® by EPOCH community is developed from the ground up to anticipate and meet these unique needs. With elements that promote comfort, familiarity and security, Bridges® creates a calm, reassuring environment for those with memory loss.

Our communities are separated into distinctive residential households, each offering both private and companion suites. Households are spacious, brightly lit and feature their own welcoming common spaces that look and feel like home.

Bridges® Moments

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