Speaking with and thanking Cindy Wirth recently, I said “I believe you are the finest executive I’ve ever known”. My wife has been at Bridges just over a year, and with her five children and many friends who have come to visit, we are endlessly amazed at how wonderful Bridges by Epoch at Sudbury is. Although the facility is new, modern and immaculate, it is the people who really shine. There is an endless and flawless execution of everything all the time. And, this is what is endless: always caring about every aspect of my wife’s well-being; being on top of everything every hour of every day; showing respect for and really love being with my wife, and letting her life shine through with dignity, devotion and humor. I’ve thought about writing a tribute such as this for some time and I am honored to have a few moments to pass onto others a small token of the love we all have for Bridges and those who so seemingly orchestrate a wonderful and dignified life for my wife. Thank you and God bless everyone at Bridges.

– Ted, Family of Bridges® Resident