Personalized Programming

Every new Bridges® resident receives a personalized care plan with programming designed to improve communication between the resident and caregivers, address possible behavioral issues and, most importantly, engage the resident in a joyful and meaningful life of their own design.

For example: If a resident loves animals, we invite pet “therapists” to visit with them; if someone wants to take a midnight walk, we make sure they enjoy it safely; and if, say, they made their living as a carpenter or engineer, we find appropriate building projects that interest them and allow them to utilize their skills.

Joy & Meaning Through Sensory Therapies

Bridges® by EPOCH’s sensory therapy programs -- art, music, massage, aroma, tactile, pet and creative arts – can spark fond memories for people with early- and mid-stage memory loss – and feelings of happiness and peace at every stage. Ask us how you can use sensory therapies to add joy and meaning to your loved one’s life.