Remarkable Staff

My wife, Linda, has been at Bridges at Pembroke for one year now and I must write to you about Mark Coughlan. I am sure that you already know this, but I must mention it to you. I think he is a "special" person and I cannot help but comment on how Mark has impressed me so.

I have watched him over the year and he enhances the atmosphere of the entire community. He genuinely cares for each and every resident. I know, through Linda, that, even though the residents have some form of dementia, they know when somebody is sincere, and Mark certainly is!

I find it remarkable that he is in charge of the maintenance of the entire facility, but that he finds time to be truly engaged with each and every resident. From his friendly "Hellos!" and "Hugs" to his cooking demonstrations, Walk to End Alzheimer’s, "Santa" impersonations and many other extra things that he brings to Bridges, you have someone who, to me, seems irreplaceable!

Thank you so much for having Mark Coughlan as part of your remarkable staff.

Bruce E., Husband of Bridges® by EPOCH at Pembroke Resident