An Enriching Program for Those with Early Memory Loss

Charting More Enjoyable Courses for Residents with Mild Memory Loss

With the right tools and support, those in the earlier stages of their journey with memory loss can live rich, rewarding lives. The Navigator Club’s toolbox is full of ways to boost physical, cognitive, emotional and social well-being.

The Navigator Club centers around health, wellness and customized programming in daily life. With gentle cueing and prompting, Navigator Club members can experience more engagement and higher levels of functioning and independence while remaining safe in a secure environment.

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Bridges® Norwalk is much more than a safe, comfortable place to reside. It’s a supportive environment that inspires residents to live.

Our Navigator Club team creates and implements a robust variety of fun, interesting activities and programs that nurture physical, cognitive, emotional, and social wellness for those in the earlier stages of memory loss.

Bridges team and a Bridges resident holding up Purple Flag for Dementia Care

Exercise opportunities that promote strength, balance and flexibility include Zumba, yoga, dancing, barre class, gardening, or strolling through the courtyard.

Through creative arts programs such as pottery, painting, live entertainment, and music appreciation, residents practice fine motor skills and explore creativity.

Residents keep their minds stimulated with brain-boosting exercises and computer classes, as well as trivia, word games, puzzles, and board games.

iN2L technology offers unique digital programming – ranging from travel to fitness to spirituality – that allows residents to learn, exercise and explore.

Our culinary team creates delicious menus featuring ingredients that promote cognitive and heart health while also meeting dietary requirements.

Bridges team and a Bridges resident holding up Purple Flag for Dementia Care


It’s no secret that social connections and supportive relationships contribute to physical, cognitive and emotional health. Navigator Club members choose how to spend their days with many opportunities for friends and neighbors to come together to share experiences and have fun.

Common spaces host interactive games, live entertainment, social hours, and clubs devoted to hobbies or special interests, such as film appreciation or history. Our private dining room welcomes Navigator Club members to converse over a meal or host family celebrations.


Navigator Club members who share similar interests can enjoy outings with our life enrichment team to museums, gyms, restaurants, theaters, galleries, concerts, and sporting events.

Schedule your familiy’s visit and explore how our Navigator Club can guide you and your loved one with memory loss to a better life.