Meet Our Team: Concierge Stacey McCormack

Stacey McCormack Stacey McCormack is a jack of all trades at Bridges by EPOCH at Westford. The full-time concierge, she is the first face visitors greet when they enter the building and often the last face they see leaving. Not only does Stacey answer the phones and maintain the front desk, she also keeps residents up-to-date on the daily meals and performs various projects for other Westford staff as they need it.

On top of that, she’s been leading a weekly baking session called, “Baking with Stacey” with the residents. “We do everything from baking cookies, mini pizzas and homemade pretzels to decorating cupcakes and cookies to making ice cream sundaes!” Stacey said.  

Stacey has been with Westford from the beginning—“I remember interviewing for my position in the trailer when Bridges at Westford was just being built,” she said. A little more than one year later, one of her favorite parts of her job is socializing with residents and their families. “They bring such happiness and laughter to my job,” Stacey said, adding, “I’ve met and have gotten to know so many wonderful people.”

Stacey loves that she is able to make a positive impact on the residents’ lives just by greeting them each day and saying, “Hi, how are you?” or “You look beautiful today!” She also loves the moments during the baking sessions when the residents are baking something they love—anything chocolate!—and Stacey can see the excitement in their faces.

“I absolutely love when a resident walks up to me with a huge smile, hugs me and says ‘You’re the best!’ Or as they are walking by the desk, they come over to me just to say hi!” Stacey said.

A native of Arlington, Stacey now lives in New Hampshire with her husband, their 4-year-old yellow lab Kody and their sun conure parrot, Ajax. A newlywed, Stacey and her husband married in October after five years together.

Outside of work, her favorite activities include taking day trips to pretty locales around New England, sampling the best restaurants in the area, working on house projects and, of course, taking walks with her yellow lab Kody.

If you visit Westford, make sure you say hello to Stacey—she’ll be happy to see you!

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