Fight Dementia with Champagne

Some interesting news in the latest Alzheimer’s research: Champagne could help prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s and dementia.

According to researchers from Reading University, a compound found in the black wine grapes used to make champagne helps fight forgetfulness. This means that we can potentially battle Alzheimer’s and dementia by drinking three glasses of champagne per week!

The researchers conducted a study on rats to determine the link between champagne and memory. One group of rats received champagne mixed in with their food every day for six weeks, while the other group did not. Over the course of the study, the rats frequently repeated a spatial test, running through a maze to find a treat. Interestingly, the rats that had champagne fared better than their counterparts with a 70 percent success rate, compared to a 50 percent success rate of the rats that didn’t have champagne.

The research leader Jimmy Spencer, biochemistry professor at Reading, said that after consuming champagne regularly for six weeks, the rats displayed a 200 percent increase of a protein important for an effective memory. Spencer found that the phenolic acid found in champagne caused this spatial memory boost, which better equipped the rats to navigate the maze. For humans, an enhanced spatial memory means you can better recognize your surroundings and find your way home.

Although the study was conducted on rats, the research team is confident the results would be similar in humans. Let’s hope so. Drinking champagne would certainly be a fun, relaxing way to combat memory-related disorders. 

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