New app brings caregivers balance

Many people caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s experience stress on a daily basis. Caregivers who ignore this stress risk compromising their own health. If you’re a caregiver, it’s important to learn how to handle stress so you can improve your own health and subsequently, better care for your loved one. 

One of the best ways you can reduce stress is to get help. No one expects you to do everything all by yourself, and you shouldn’t either. The National Alzheimer Center, a division of the Hebrew Home at Riverdale, recently developed a new app that makes getting help easier. The app is appropriately called “Balance,” as it allows caregivers to regain balance in their own lives. Providing numerous tips and networking opportunities, the app helps caregivers more effectively care for their loved ones, thereby reducing caregiver stress.

In addition to providing caregivers with the latest news and research about Alzheimer’s, “Balance” is a useful “how-to” guide; it provides tips for how to best care for someone with Alzheimer’s, how to manage diurnal tasks such as bathing and dressing, and how to appropriately deal with mood swings and outbursts. More than just being a database of information, “Balance” helps you keep up with your caregiving responsibilities by allowing you to set up medication reminders and maintain a schedule of doctor’s appointments.

One of the app’s most helpful functions is improving communication between family caregivers and other care providers. “Balance” allows you to immediately track and share changes in your loved one’s health with all of their doctors. You can also get quick information from your loved one’s doctors about what to expect as Alzheimer’s progresses. By providing you with a support network and comprehensive Alzheimer’s information, this new app could be just what you need to combat stress and be a happier, healthier caregiver.

Balance is available in Apple’s App Store for $3.99.

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