Healthy, Delicious Meals

At Bridges® by EPOCH at Norwalk, our chefs and talented culinary team provide our memory care residents with three nutritious, appetizing meals each day, along with anytime snacks. Demonstration plates are shown for easy selection, and meals are served restaurant-style in a dining room featuring abundant natural light.

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Adaptable Dining

Our adaptable dining program recognizes that those with memory loss may have physical challenges that make eating difficult. Those with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia can sometimes experience anxiety or frustration at mealtimes. To help restore confidence, our dining services team prepares and serves healthy, delicious and easy-to-manage foods.

Bridges Moments

With the efficient and caring staff at Bridges Norwalk, my clients, a husband and wife, enjoyed the smoothest transition to facility living that I have seen in my ten years as an elder care specialist. The Bridges staff worked tirelessly and quickly to set up my clients’ room to make it as ...