What Our Families Say

We could fill several websites telling you about our supportive, purpose-built design, personalized life-enrichment programs, and exceptional care and services … but, while remarkable and unique, those are merely the ingredients we use to create the real magic of Bridges® – the magic that is shown on the faces of our residents and felt in the hearts of their families.

Our Mom Has Been Thriving

My family and I visited many facilities while looking for a home for our Mom. They all looked and felt like facilities. When we walked into Bridges, we knew we had found her new home. Our Mom was one the first residents to enter Bridges Andover when it opened in August of 2018. 

I cannot say enough about the staff! They are so kind and compassionate; we know our Mom is very well taken care of and happy. When we visit, the staff make us feel welcome and a part of the community. Our Mom has been thriving this past year. We received permission slips for them to take her sledding in the winter and water sliding in the summer! Mom does not stop talking about how much fun she had. We received video of that adventure and we treasure it! The activities are fabulous. Mom was not one to partake in many activities, and now she rarely misses any.

Mom has made many dear friends. It is a joy to sit and have breakfast, lunch or dinner with them and see them interact. The staff is happy to include family. Mom’s friends’ family is now like family to her, and it very reassuring to all of us ‘kids’ to know she is so compassionately cared for.

– Beth C., Daughter of Bridges® Resident

My Mom Could Not Have Received More Loving Care

I just want you to know how caring each member of the staff was to my mom, most especially during the time once she entered into hospice care. Beth, Olivia Paige and Traci paid their respects and Olivia noticed that my mom was holding the rosary beads provided by Bridges. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Nancy kissed my mom at the end of her shift the evening before my mom passed, knowing that would be the last time she would be hugging and kissing her. Peter visited my mom’s room to kiss and say goodbye just before she passed, and all the caregivers were so attentive during my mom’s last 72 hours. My mom could not have received more loving care!!

I want to give a special thanks to all my mom’s caregivers. You are all very special people; able to so easily look past my mom’s illness and treat her with care, compassion, love, respect and dignity. You were her special angels, and to me … well, there are simply no words to describe what you have meant to me and to our family.

– Stephen A., Son of Bridges® Resident