Chef-Prepared Meals

At Bridges® by EPOCH at Westwood, our memory care residents enjoy delicious, chef-prepared dining with three nutritious meals daily and snacks always available. Meals are served restaurant-style in a welcoming dining room, with demonstration plates shown for easy selection.

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Adaptable Dining

Our adaptable dining program recognizes that those with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia often have physical limitations that can make eating difficult. As a result, those with memory loss may experience frustration or anxiety during mealtimes – enough to make some avoid eating altogether. Our chefs work hard to prepare healthy, appetizing, and easy-to-manage foods that help to restore confidence when dining.

Bridges Moments

During the past year, I have gotten to know the staff and most residents. I have learned about the added services you offer. At every turn, the staff has been supportive, caring and helpful. After working as a nurse for 44 years, I feel fortunate in being able to recognize quality care when ...