Delectable, Chef-Prepared Meals

At Bridges® by EPOCH at Mashpee, our memory care residents enjoy the benefits of a highly skilled culinary team! Our chefs prepare three nutritious, delicious meals which are served restaurant-style in our beautiful dining room. Demonstration plates are shown for easy selection.

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Adaptable Dining

Those with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia often have physical limitations that can make eating difficult. These challenges can cause frustration or anxiety – enough to make some avoid eating entirely. With our adaptable dining program, chefs work hard to prepare healthy, appetizing, and easy-to-manage foods that restore confidence at mealtimes.

Bridges Moments

I have thoroughly enjoyed all of the thoughts, ideas, and education that I have received from Alicia’s Zoom presentations! I loved the format, every two weeks and especially the personal stories.

I have listened to a lot of cutting-edge Alzheimer’s podcasts, and between that and ...