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For All Stages of Memory Loss

At Bridges® by EPOCH at Mashpee, we know that every person’s journey with dementia is different – from progression rates to symptoms to physical and cognitive challenges. Care needs vary, and for some, change over time. Because of this, we offer two care plans – both available for a predictable, all-inclusive rate – that allow residents to age in place in a comfortable environment with familiar people who know and care about them.

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Essential Care Program

With our Essential Care program, residents benefit from expert memory support from a dedicated, highly skilled team of professionals, along with an active lifestyle tailored for the needs of those with memory loss.

  • Expert care delivered around the clock
  • Medication management
  • On-site licensed nursing support
  • Dynamic life-enrichment programming
  • Three nutritious, chef-prepared meals served family style
  • Healthy and delicious snacks any time
  • Assistance with activities of daily living, such as grooming, bathing, dressing, eating, etc.
  • Personal laundry and housekeeping services

    Enriched Care Program

    As dementia progresses, care needs may change and a resident may require a level of care and physical support beyond the scope of Essential Care. If this occurs, the Enriched Care program at Bridges® by EPOCH at Mashpee provides additional services that enable the resident to age in place.

    With the added support, residents who are in even the latest stages of Alzheimer’s disease can live safer, healthier and more comfortable lives – surrounded by familiar people who know and love them.

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    Bridges Moments

    Thank you for doing such an outstanding job of caring for staff and residents at Bridges, and thank you for your great communication skills. I am so grateful for the continuity of staff during these difficult days.

    Bridges has a great reputation in the community, with good ...