Happier and More Content

Bridges has been a wonderful experience for my Mom and for all of us (her family). Here is our story ... After a hospital stay, my Mom went to a typical nursing home (not Bridges) for rehab. She was there for about 1 month. During that time, she continued to decline. She would not eat and I thought we were going to lose her. Soon her rehab stay at that nursing home was over and we had to move her. Thankfully I had toured Bridges a month prior and reached out to them again. Before we signed her up at Bridges I was very concerned if a “memory care” could meet all of her other needs. For example, my Mom is incontinent and needs assistance with the bathroom. She needs help cleaning and dressing herself. She also uses a walker and early on she was in a wheelchair. Bridges reassured me they could take care of ALL her needs. I prayed hard that this would work and really be true. I’m am beyond blessed and happy to report that they have met all of her needs and so much more! The staff at Bridges are wonderful, patient and professional. The aids keep her personal needs taken care of with dignity. The activities staff keeps all the residents engaged. They encourage all of them to be in the common areas not alone in their rooms. They warmly welcome family and friends to visit, dine and join in on activities with their loved one. The dining staff is accommodating to the residents and their guests. Everyone seems to love their job!! My Mom is doing better now than before her hospital stay. She has gained the weight back she lost prior. She’s alert and engaged! No more wheelchair. Overall, she is much happier and more content and most importantly not afraid and depressed like she was at the other nursing home. All nursing homes should take note on how Bridges has this success. I feel blessed and very fortunate that we found this assisted living for her.

- Christine, Daughter of Bridges® by EPOCH at Mashpee Resident