Forever Grateful

Although I do not have a loved one currently living at Bridges by EPOCH, I can honestly say it is a fabulous place with genuinely loving, caring staff members who are devoted and extremely helpful to all! For the past few years, I have been attending workshops and support groups offered by Bridges which are geared towards helping family members and caregivers of dementia patients.

My mom who has dementia also has a number of major medical issues and is living at a different facility. I was hungry for help and knowledge so that I could gain a better understanding of dementia and learn more about what to say and do (and not say and not do) in order to give her the best quality of life. The staff at Bridges made it clear that their free workshops and support groups are open to anyone in the community and that you do not need to have a family member living at one of their facilities to be able to attend.

I learned a great deal of very helpful information and tactics to use with my mom (and for myself!), and as a result – my relationship with my mom AND her quality of life has improved dramatically! I have been raving about Bridges ever since the first workshop I attended, and I have gotten others interested as well.

I feel so fortunate to have become involved with them and am forever grateful – really! I wish the same level of care and interest in improving residents’ lives and involving families could happen where my mom is, but sadly it won’t ever. The Bridges at Andover facility itself looks beautiful, clean, and inviting, and I know from other people in the support groups I’ve attended that they are very happy with the care there. I would strongly recommend it!


– Karen, Friend of Bridges®