I can’t properly express my gratitude to each of you for the care you have shown myself, my daughters, and most importantly my mother. From the moment we walk in the door or call the front desk, we are greeted with a beautiful smile, a warm welcome and familiarity. 

The positive encouragement she gets from you to go to her classes, to visit the health office, to work in the garden, to get out of bed, to dance, to go to Mass, to take a shower and to eat keeps her going and in good humor (mostly). 
I am fully aware how exhausting your days must be now. I am so grateful that you are able to be there, to care for so many parents and then to go home. Please extend my gratitude to your families. 

We just passed the four-year anniversary of her living at Bridges this Thanksgiving.  She is thriving because of each one of you. 

– Charlotte, Daughter of Bridges® Resident