Staff Is Superb

My sister went to Bridges in Hingham for a 1 month trial and is enjoying an active life 1 1/2 yrs later. I've never seen her happier. The atmosphere is one of caring, kindness, and love for residents and their family members. The staff is superb. They follow the terrific lead of the management team who, in addition to their individual responsibilities, each spend time with residents either overseeing a group activity or just visiting briefly throughout the day in each house. The list of activities within the daily schedule at Bridges is varied and keeps residents very busy, yet there is time to relax and enjoy some quiet time or the outside, weather permitting. In addition to a full list of daily activities and a variety of frequent entertainment programs, there are many trips beyond Bridges. Monthly family programs are held, but family members are welcomed any time, any day to join in activities when they visit. My sister has been able to continue doing for others by serving lunch once a month at a homeless shelter with a small group of residents and staff. She has showed a renewed interest in creative activities i.e. painting, knitting, gardening, baking, and making crafts. Some items made were used to decorate her room, donated or used in a residents' fair. Like any home, there are sometimes things that need to be "fixed." Any time there has been a question, a different point of view, or a concern, it has been handled professionally, promptly and with my sister's best interest in the forefront from all sides. Residents are treated with love and respect while they encouraged to live the best life they can in a warm, comfortable home.

- Sister of Bridges® by EPOCH at Hingham Resident