Engaged, Loving Care & Wonderful Activities

After researching and visiting 16 different facilities, I placed my mother at Bridges in Westford in May 2018 as it offered her the best environment, daily activities/ lifestyle, and engaged, loving care for someone with dementia. I like to visit my mother a lot (10-12 hours a week) so I know Bridges well and I am very glad that my mom is there. Everything at Bridges is available for my mom - totally unlike those small, dreary lockdown memory units in the bigger facilities. Mom loves nature and thoroughly enjoys the open door to the expansive, beautiful garden replete with 5 very sweet chickens and a coop! We love sharing a delicious lunch or dinner together on the patio. We also greatly enjoy many of the wonderful activities that are offered - the musical entertainment is fantastic! I have fun, too, and it is fun to see so many of the residents singing along with songs they’ve known so well. It’s a very upbeat, caring, and positive place. My mom often comments, "This is a nice place," or "I like this place," or "I feel safe here." My mom is happy. So, I am happy. I would give Bridges 10 stars if I could!

- Jennifer D., Daughter of Bridges® Resident