Bridges® by EPOCH Philosophy

We will CROSS the Bridges® we build to overcome the gaps that have been left by memory loss.

Calm: We approach every opportunity with a calm and welcoming demeanor. We recognize that a calm environment sets the stage for success.

Respond: Our response to resident needs is established through our understanding of their individuality. We aim to learn as much as possible about our residents, including what makes them most reassured in difficult times.

Overcome: We overcome obstacles with redirection techniques that are successful on an individual basis.

Senses: We acknowledge and respect the essentials that formulate the foundation of all our interactions with our residents: sense of self, security and safety. Honoring and preserving these are paramount in delivering optimal service.

Success: We define success through implementation of our Mission and Philosophy, while respecting the individual and the memory loss process.

The integration of these key aspects is the foundation of all service delivered within Bridges® by EPOCH communities.