All-New, All-Inclusive Memory Care Coming to Middlesex County

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Bridges® by EPOCH, New England’s largest stand-alone memory care assisted living provider, is pleased to announce that its newest community will open spring 2022 in Lexington, MA.

“Unlike other assisted living communities, Bridges by EPOCH at Lexington is exclusively designed and dedicated to caring for individuals living with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia,” says Fred Kelly, Executive Director of Bridges® by EPOCH at Lexington. “Our team of remarkable people, the exceptional care and services we offer and the purposeful design of our buildings all combine to create the most rewarding, secure and nurturing lifestyle possible for our residents. We are looking forward to providing expert care and compassionate service to seniors in Lexington who are living with cognitive diseases like dementia.”

Fred explains that the Bridges® philosophy is focused on providing an uplifting lifestyle through every stage of memory loss. “That’s why we offer a wellness-centered lifestyle that focuses on reinforcing individual strengths – so residents enjoy heightened confidence and self-esteem,” he says. “Ultimately, we provide everything residents need to thrive and rediscover a life with purpose and joy in daily life.”

A Person-Centered Approach to Exceptional Care

At Bridges® by EPOCH, our mission is to creatively build bridges to cross the gaps that have been left by memory impairments. We cross those bridges and overcome the challenges of memory loss with success every day by providing security, compassion and comfort to our residents. At Bridges® by EPOCH at Lexington, our devoted team members will embrace our residents as an extension of their family. We will build relationships with our residents to understand them individually and provide endearing support, fulfilling independence, meaningful engagement and rewarding opportunities for success.

We believe that exceptional care begins by gaining necessary insight and deeper understanding of the lives of our residents – what makes them who they are. We will work closely with family members to learn about our residents’ needs, desires, histories, hopes and stories. With this initial information, along with what our exceptional team members will learn through daily connections, we will create highly individualized programming for our residents.

Research-Based Design and a Homelike Setting

Bridges® by EPOCH at Lexington has been designed specifically to care for those in all stages of Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. Bridges® by EPOCH communities are well-known for their thoughtfully designed, residential households that each feature their own kitchen, dining and living areas. 

Residents of our new memory care assisted living community will thrive in one of three distinct, residential households that support the unique needs of those with memory loss. The homelike environment has been designed to reduce confusion and overall stress by providing a familiar, easy-to-navigate environment. A dedicated activity center within our community will offer the ideal area for our unique and personalized life enrichment programming.

Our purposefully designed households (Belmont, Winchester, Nashawtuc) offer complete visibility, so our teams will be able to see the entire household at a glance. Offering an abundance of natural light, soft colors, directional cues and aromatherapy, our households will provide a warm atmosphere where residents feel safe and calm. Comfortable common areas will welcome residents and families to gather together.

Each household features a cozy living room with privacy panels to limit distractions and comfortable, inviting furniture. A peaceful library offers an area for reading or quiet games. The dining area features restaurant-style dining in a family atmosphere, as well as an open, homestyle kitchen that will allow residents to see – and be a part of – the cooking process when appropriate. Residents will also have controlled access to a beautiful courtyard area that offers walking paths, comfortable seating, raised planter beds, bird houses and more.

Inspiring Memory Care Programming

Upon entry to our community, every resident will receive a personalized care plan with programming designed to improve communication between the resident and caregivers, address symptoms of memory loss and, most importantly, engage the resident in a joyful and meaningful life of their own design.

For example, if a resident loves animals, we will invite pet “therapists” to visit with them; if someone likes evening walks, we will make sure they enjoy them safely in our courtyard; and if, for example, they made their living as a carpenter or engineer, we can provide appropriate building projects that hold their interest and strengthen their skills. We use a variety of therapies, including art, massage, music, tactile, aroma and pet therapies, to spark fond memories and feelings of happiness and peace at every stage of the dementia journey. 

Discover the Bridges® Way

“We encourage families in the Lexington area who are caring for a loved one with memory loss at home to learn more about us and see how our memory care assisted living services can help,” says Fred. “We offer a variety of education and support opportunities to help families cope with the changes and symptoms that come from Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of memory loss. Ultimately, when Bridges® by EPOCH at Lexington opens, we will take the hardships of full-time caregiving away from families – allowing them to simply spend meaningful time together with their loved one again.”

Bridges® by EPOCH at Lexington is opening spring 2022 in Middlesex County, MA. Contact us today to learn more.

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