Approach to Care


At Bridges® by EPOCH communities, we recognize that there are different stages of memory loss, with each requiring a specialized approach to care. Our programming includes a complete continuum that addresses the varying needs of those in the early, mid and late stages of Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias. Our goal is to provide exceptionally attentive care that offers both physical and emotional security for residents, while still supporting their autonomy and individual choices.

Inspiration for Success

The exceptional care teams at our Bridges® by EPOCH communities take an extra step to ensure the delivery of highly-personalized and compassionate care to our residents. During the admission process, we work closely with families to gain necessary insight and deeper understanding into the lives of our new residents. From preferences on personal hygiene and socialization to details about spirituality and dietary needs, we make the extra effort to ensure our teams are best prepared to care for the unique needs and desires of each and every resident.

BRIDGES® for Early- to Mid-Stage Memory Challenges

Our BRIDGES® program is focused on maintaining an active, engaging and fulfilling lifestyle that promotes independence and safety. Combining the ideal balance of safety and security with assistance and support, our BRIDGES® program nurtures the physical and emotional well-being of our residents. In turn, our families are able to rest easy knowing their loved ones are receiving exceptional care, love and support they need.

Early- to mid-stage care for our residents with Alzheimer’s disease or memory loss includes:

  • Continuous activities
  • Activities that lower fall risk
  • Lower psych medication usage
  • Focus on individual needs
  • Led by specialty staff
  • Intergenerational programs
  • Ongoing community education programs

Namaste Care™ Program for Advanced Stages of Memory Loss

Literally meaning “to honor the spirit within,” Namaste Care™ is a seven-day-a-week program in which residents enjoy meaningful activities through a “loving touch” approach. Namaste Care™ is a comforting, sensory-based program that enhances the lives of our residents by providing a peaceful, non-isolating environment throughout the day.

Provided on an as-needed basis, this program allows residents at the end stages of the illness to live out their lives with dignity and tranquility. Residents relax in comfortable chairs, are wrapped in warm quilts and enjoy calming music, aromatherapy, foot and hand massages and added care and affection. Caregivers and families also benefit from Namaste Care’s™ comforting effects.

Bridges® by EPOCH communities are among the very few specialized memory care communities that offer care for residents in the last stages of Alzheimer's disease, allowing them to age in place with respect and with love.