A Complete Transformation

I can't say enough about the difference we have seen since moving Mom to Bridges is Wesford. For the previous 4 years she was in an assisted living facility where it was not unusual for her to be left alone for long periods of time. This led to her becoming agitated, confused and down right scared when the effects of sun downing began to occur. This was followed by nights of paranoia and insomnia. We were heart broken.

Dan McNamara

Compassionate and Highly Competent Caregivers

Dear Bridges® Friends,

This note is far overdue, but my delay in expressing these thoughts in no way reflects my sincerity.

Thank you for being such compassionate and highly competent caregivers for my mother. Enid, you cared for her, took time to get to know her, and you treated her with respect and dignity. I was reassured to know that she was in your care and that you were looking after her so dearly.

Valerie Wolf, Family Member

"It's important to me that they all know how much I value them."

Hi, Gerry - 

I'm so pleased to receive your letter and that I was able to convey my sincerity. Thanks for making sure that everyone at Bridges saw my note - it's important to me that they all know how much I value them (and you, of course).

I'd be honored to have you use my note, in part or in full, on your website or marketing. It is what I would say to anyone asking my opinion of the facility and the staff.

Valerie Wolf, Family Member

Wonderfully Cared For

Dad moved into Bridges® by EPOCH at Westford three days after it opened. We chose the community because it is exclusively memory care, a beautiful environment and close to family. We also selected it because it’s all-inclusive.

Becky Rockwell

One Family's Story

My mother, a 77-year-old, healthy woman, was living on her own all summer. In September, she was diagnosed with “significant” dementia.

My sister and I saw a dozen facilities in New York and Massachusetts. In November, we placed mom in a facility on the South Shore. We soon discovered that they pulled a bait and switch on us. My sister kept looking and 24 hours later, she called me and said, "I've found it."

Maura Ryan

"I Don't Have to Worry about Mom."

“At Bridges® by EPOCH, I feel welcome when I come in the morning, afternoon, evening or on the weekends. I’m always impressed when I arrive and find mom engaged in some kind of special activity. What I see when I visit are staff members that come and hold a resident’s hand, give a resident a hug or sit down beside a resident and pat his or her knee. As an observer, it made me feel how much love and caring there is among the staff for the residents. I feel that it is really special and one of the most unique things about Bridges® by EPOCH.”

Wendy Williams